Estimated Delivery V3 Smart Modules Module Nulled 3.5.3

Estimated Delivery V3 Smart Modules Module Nulled is a module that calculates the delivery date of the products before adding these to the cart.It’s easy to set up and configure and it will help you increase your customers’ trust as well as your sales.

Estimated Delivery V3 – Smart Modules Nulled Features

New features in 3.0:

Control by combinations: We went even further, adding the ability to control the main Estimated Delivery options by combinations. This way, a product can have multiple configurations for each combination. Different picking days, different out of stock days… Estimated Delivery Nulled in email templates: Just add a line in your email templates to integrate the Estimated Delivery box in your emails. Code optimization: In order to allow customization by combinations, we had to recode most of the module. We took the opportunity to optimize it even more! Estimated Delivery in Product Lists: 12 display options, with a more compact format to reduce the size. Added compatibility for PrestaShop 1.7.x versions. Category Exclusion: Thanks to this option, you can choose not to display Estimated Delivery in certain categories of your choice. OOS Days by Supplier: Now you can choose between categories or suppliers to add the additional days.