LearnDash Content Cloner Nulled

LearnDash Content Cloner Nulled creating course copies becomes a cakewalk. The entire course hierarchy (course, lesson, topics) are duplicated and added to your LearnDash LMS.

LearnDash Content Cloner Features

  • Duplicate courses to quickly create new ones
  • Rename cloned course content titles at once
  • Add a new ‘Instructor’ user role
  • Restrict Instructor Access
  • Track Instructor Commissions
  • Sign up Groups to Simplify Bulk Enrollment
  • Automatically create groups and assign group leaders
  • Increase course credibility with student reviews
  • Improve courses based on student feedback
  • Assist Instructors & Admins with Quiz results
  • Share Courses Among Multiple Instructors
  • Assign Instructors as Group Leaders
  • Stay in Complete Control
  • Create Unlimited Instructors
  • Let Instructors Access Student Reports
  • Notify Instructors for Every Activity
  • Improve Student-Instructor Communication
  • Easily manage groups from the front end
  • Allow Group Leaders to Re-Invite Group Members
  • Manage Group Leader or Members Easily
  • Build student trust with ratings
  • Make it easy for students to find relevant reviews
  • Show course reviews in your desired location
  • Get genuine feedback on course completion
  • Control course rating and review submission
  • Personalize email templates with your branding