Metronic Nulled 8.0.36 Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Metronic Nulled is an incredible template. Even with purchasing an extended license, the cost savings is immeasurable. The code & CSS is well organized and while it is feature rich, it is not bloated. It was quickly integrated into our relatively complex product and had ready-made UX for our many use cases. Where we needed to extend functionality, this system made it incredibly easy. A tremendous job by the Metronic team.

Metronic Site Templates Features

  • Framework Overview
    For developers of any level
  • HTML Version
    Most familiar and efficient
  • Angular 11 Version
    Full native implementation
  • React Version
    Full native implementation
  • VueJS Version
    Full native implementation
  • Laravel Version
    Integrated skeleton app
  • Multi-Demo Concept
    Use the same codebase with varied and
    versatile look and feel for your new projects.