Cookies GDPR Law (Block Cookie) Nulled 1.4.4 2022 Guidelines Module

Cookies GDPR Law Nulled Module for complying with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and LOPD in relation to cookies. This allows you to block the installation of cookies until the client gives their permission, accepting the use and installation of cookies.

Cookies GDPR Law Plugin Nulled Features

  • Popup warning

The module shows a popup to inform your clients about the use of cookies and ask for your consent for its installation. When the client gives their consent, the module permits the installation of cookies. If the client does not give their consent, the client will be able to make a purchase entirely normally through your shop but with no third-party cookie installation, which is why the modules that use these cookies might not have all the information necessary for their correct functioning. However, the client will not see any errors.

  • Personalized texts

The module allows for the personalisation of the text that appears in the cookie acceptance warning, in which you can let your clients know which clients you use and why.It includes a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to permit the complete personalisation of the content and style and the warning such as the font, colour and size of the letters.   

  • Multi-lingual

All of the texts are translatable into the different languages you have on your shop.

  • Multi-shop

You can use the module in all of the shops in your multi-shop, and you can configure each of them differently.